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USB Condom 600x600

Charge your phone safely in unfamiliar places and from hazardous sources such as public charging stations with the Firewire Revolution adapter.

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Card front
FWR anti-skimming card
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The FWR Blocking Card is a smart and easy way to protect credit cards, RFID tags and NFC devices from skimming. Simply insert one FWR protection card into your wallet, purse,...

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Digital Intelligence Forensic Card Reader

The UltraBlock forensic memory card reader is equipped with an integrated switchable write protection on the inserted media. Ensures data integrity and protection when connected...

Code: W2530

ICY BOX IB-241WP is an external box for HDD and SSD with USB 3.0 interface, durable aluminum construction and switchable HW write protection.

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Drive eRazer Ultra 600x600px 600x600
CRU Drive eRazer Ultra
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The Wiebetech Drive eRazer Ultra CRU is a small stand-alone device for reliable and secure erasing of SATA and IDE disks.  

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1 NVMe Drive eRazer Main
Code: 3254
DriveBox2 600x600 1

New and improved design! The case is now more compact and thanks to that the disc and the cover together have a minimum height. Store the units vertically on the shelf - the...

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DriveBox2 600x600 2

The popular WiebeTech DriveBox brought us many requirements for a smaller version that would be made specifically for notebook units. The answer is the DriveBox Mini.  

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1 ComboDock v6 Main1

Professional hard disk write blocker with Read-Write and Write / Block functions. Read-only or read / write access to SATA and IDE / PATA drives; USB 3.2 Gen2 10 Gbps; complete...

Code: 3289
1 UltraDock v6 Main1

The WiebeTech Forensic UltraDock v6.0 CRU is a leader among blockers. Forensic UltraDock ™ FUDv6 is a professional blocker that provides fast, forensically reliable access to...

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1 Media WriteBlocker 600x600px 600x600 1 300x300

Digital and forensics investigators, corporate IT staff, technicians, and lawyers who want to view and evaluate a flash drive or memory card, without tampering with the...

Code: 31300-0183-0000
NVMe WriteBlocker

The NVMe WriteBlocker CRU allows you to examine NVMe U.2 and M.2 SSDs in write block mode, so you can read the files on the disk without changing the contents.  

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1 USB 3.1 600x600 600x600 1

Digital forensics investigators, lawyers, and corporate IT staff who want to view, examine, and image drives quickly and easily, look to the CRU® WiebeTech® USB 3.1...

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image 125 300x300

Atech Flash Technology (AFT), one of the fastest growing digital kiosk card reader manufacturers has addressed this issue and is offering a durable and reliable digital media...

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