FWR USB Protection for Mobile Phones

Charge your phone safely in unfamiliar places and from hazardous sources such as public charging stations with the Firewire Revolution adapter.

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Protect your phone from unwanted syncing and malware with the new secure adapter from Firewire Revolution.

You simply connect this FWR adapter to the end of your regular charging cable, creating a data barrier between your device and a potential attacker. Thanks to this adapter, you can charge your mobile phones from public charging points or from other computers without having to worry about losing data or a malicious code being transfered to your device.

The design of the adapter physically prevents a transfer of any data and the cable with the connected adapter can thus be used only for a transfer of electrical energy. The built-in chip ensures that no data actually passes through and that your mobile phone can be safely charged. It will also ensure seamless compliance with Apple and Samsung charging standards.

The adapter can be used to charge a mobile phone directly from the computer's USB port in those cases where company policy does not allow the connection of unapproved devices.


The adapter supports charging with a current up to 3A, so there is no need to worry about slowed down chargin. The adapter does not support some fast charging standards that require data transfer for their function (Qualcomm Quick Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge, Motorola TurboPower, etc.). The adapter may not work with some specific devices (certain navigations or on-board cameras) that use non-standard charging methods.

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