Why Faraday Bag?

The Faraday bag is a specific practical design of the so-called "Faraday cage", which effectively prevents the penetration of electromagnetic fields to a device stored in it (in our case it is mainly mobile network signals, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.). It consists of one or more layers of a grid made of conductive material wrapped with durable nylon, which protects the grid and ensures a long life of the bag. Faraday bags are mainly used by forensic experts, police and intelligence services to prevent remote manipulation of data stored on a mobile phone or on a similar device. They are also used by organisations or private individuals to protect data during sensitive meetings or during work trips:

  • Law-enforcement, army, GOV agencies

Once you seize a mobile device you should have a chain of custody in mind. Faraday bag prevents remote wipe or other tampering with the evidence and ensures a secure transport from the field to the lab.

  • Expert witnesses and forensic experts

Not always a SIM-cloner is available or can be used and then a Faraday bag is the only solution for an examination process, preventing any unauthorised access to the device. Faraday bags with a preview window allow a standard interaction with the device screen.

  • Corporate 

Prevent your business partners or visitors from using their mobile devices inappropriately while visiting your premises without seizing them and keep your meetings confidential. Protect your employees´ devices from data theft while travelling or during sensitive meetings.

  • Individuals

Protect your pay-pass credit cards and ID cards or passports from modern criminals. In Faraday bag your pay-pass credit card cannot be remotely read and misused. 

Do you have a car with a keyless entry system? Then you should definitely keep your keyless entry fob in a Faraday bag - amplifying the fob signal to open your car is a pice of cake for modern thieves.

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