Take-back of Obsolete Electrical Equipment


We rely on environmentally friendly behavior, which is why we bring you the opportunity to easily and free of charge hand in your old electrical equipment.

The consumer has a crucial role in the electrical appliance management system. He is the one who decides what to do with the old appliance. Old and unnecessary electrical equipment does not belong to municipal waste containers.

The consumer must be informed by the symbols below that the relevant electrical equipment does not belong to municipal waste. This marks all new electrical equipment. The symbol may appear directly on the device, on its packaging or in the instructions for use or in the warranty card.

How to get rid of an old appliance?

- via the publicly available collection network of REMA Systém, which is intended for take-back, see https://www.rema.cloud/sberna-mista
- through a publicly available collection network, which is intended for take-back, see https://isoh.mzp.cz/registrmistelektro
- in the case of batteries, it is possible to order a collection container for the household - FamilyBox, then send the full container through the service re: Package
- in the case of quantities up to 20 kg, it is possible to use the re: Package service
- in the case of quantities over 20 kg and more, it is possible to use the BE LASY service
- at the point of sale at the office address Belgická 19, 120 00 Prague 2

Why recycle?

Electrical equipment contains many recyclable materials, such as metals, plastics, glass. Appliances also include very dangerous substances for the environment and human health, especially mercury, lead and cadmium.
By handing over the electrical equipment to the take-back point, we save the primary sources of raw materials, especially thanks to the recycling material, and at the same time protect our environment from possible unprofessional disposal.

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