USBKiLL Shield

Detect and thwart USB Power-Surge Attacks and "Juice-Jacking". The  USBKill Shield detects and deflects Power Surge attacks, and also protects your devices against data exfiltration by untrusted third-party chargers.

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Detect & Protect against USB Power Surge Attacks

The USBKill Shield is the only way to safely use and test unknown USB devices. Protect your computers and hardware - always use a USBKill Shield before trusting a new device.

Protecting your hardware is easy: The Shield allows power to travel through the device, but will block any Power Surge attacks. 

Detecting an attack is even easier: When USBKill Shield detects a power surge attack, the ultra-bright LED array flashes with each attack.

Protect yourself against Juice Jacking

As USB Power outlets become more and more ubiquitous, "Juice Jacking", or data-exfiltration via malicious USB ports is more and more common.

Using an unknown third-party USB port or charger can lead to data theft or malware installation.

The USBKill Shield protects your devices against Juice Jacking, while still allowing them to be charged; a status LED confirms that your device is protected.

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