Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky NEW

Take social engineering to the next level with the new generation of HAK5 USB Rubber Ducky, hidden in the packaging of a standard USB flash drive.

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Category: Pentesting
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icon_kachna USB Rubber Ducky

A new version of the iconic, field-proven hotplug attack tool that invented the Keystroke Injection attack.

extensions-icon Extensions

Bring your payloads to life with this library of reusable functions — from OS detection to Keystroke Reflection.

duckyscript3-icon DuckyScript™ 3.0 Advanced

A feature rich programming language as simple as a few key macros, or as complex as your creativity takes you!

payloadhub-icon Payload Hub

Share your creations with the world, get rewarded and find  inspiration from the community payload repository.

payload-studio-icon Payload Studio

Unleash your hacking creativity with this full-featured Integrated Development Environment for all the Hak5 gear.

book-icon_fe80b925-89e4-4b89-a1db-9b7789d1ffa8_480x480 Education

Learn directly from the innovators — from e-book & pocket-guide to the complete course textbook.




This device is designed for experienced professionals in the field of IT administration and IT security. Its use requires the expertise and consent of the infrastructure owner.


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